Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – What You Can Expect

Plane landing in FS2020

Microsoft’s highly anticipated new flight simulator will be released for PC on August 18th, 2020! The last major flight simulator Microsoft released was Flight Simulator X. FSX was released more than a decade ago!

This simulator will be more advanced and improved than FSX. Beta testers have been showing the community the amazing features that the sim promises. Here are a few improvements that should be expected for the upcoming flight simulator!



For other flight simulators, add-on weather is typically installed. Weather add-ons help to enhance cloud textures, precipitation effects, and more. However, with FS2020, this will not be a concern.

The weather in FS2020 is truly extraordinary! So many things have been taken into consideration to make it as good as it can. Moonlight, pollution, and particle densities are just a few things that can change how the weather looks in the sim.

Rain in FS2020 will be. This realism also allows for accurate visibility simulation when precipitation falls. Even rainbows can be generated purely based on the right atmospheric conditions! If you are flying in cold, moist conditions, accurate icing can form on the aircraft!

Live real-world simulated weather is also in the sim. Is it raining outside your house? FS2020 will show this at that exact moment. If you do not want this, then you can change it while the aircraft is flying!


TBM flying around mountain
Photo By Microsoft

This simulator is global. You can fly anywhere in the world and view accurately placed mountains, buildings, and statues! This sim will allow you to fly over your house where ever it is on earth.

It does this by using “Azure Cloud”. This AI computing allows for trees to be detected, structures seen on satellite images to improve, and detailed corrections on famous statues.

Shadows are accurately depicted in the simulator. Mountains, clouds the aircraft, and more will depict shadows depending on location, time of day, and season.

The accuracy of the lighting after sunset allows for Visual Flight Rules (VFR) navigation possible at night. The developers are positive that landmarks and checkpoints will appear as they should any time of the day.


Multiplayer will be available for users on release day. You can fly with your friends and see fellow pilots conduct their flights. Here are the multiplayer options that will be available for FS2020:

  • Live Play Mode – Players who want to fly with a strict structure. This means using ATC and following aviation laws.
  • All Players – Fly how you want. Do not need to follow the rules. Players can set the weather and other conditions.
  • Group Only – Can add people to the group and they will be the only players in the world.

You can choose if you want to see players while you fly. If you just want to fly by yourself, the option is there as well.


Because of the realism flight simulator provides, real-world pilots, use the software for training. When aircraft behave as they should in the sim, then pilots flying in the real environment can relate and “transfer” their skills.

So what about beginners? They are alternatives to turn off realism settings and skip steps. Turning off crash mode and using auto start are some things beginners have access to.

Beginners can also learn how to fly because they are flight school missions in the sim. The first lesson will involve simple turning maneuvers and teach you how the plane behaves in the air. You can work your way up and get better at flying, like a real student pilot!


plane flying in FS2020
Photo by Microsoft

The developers used a lot of their time to work on the physics and aerodynamics of the simulator. Here are a few things you can expect with this category :

  • Each drop of water can be seen. How the rain propagates on the aircraft will vary based on speed.
  • Different surfaces will behave uniquely. An aircraft landing on a grass runway will behave differently when landing on a paved runway.
  • Friction, skidding and sloped runways can all be expected to factor in takeoff and landing performance.
  • Instruments are displayed realistically. Some pointers and dials will vibrate based on what the aircraft is doing.
  • To ensure the aircraft behave like real life, real test pilots that fly the planes were a part of the development!

This Simulator Will Be BIG!

Flight Simulator 2020 is the most anticipated simulator this year. Especially since it has plans to be available on the new XBOX console, later on, more people will be able to have access to Flight Simulator 2020. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Available for PC Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X 

What is the most exciting feature you can not wait to see on FS2020? Let me know in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – What You Can Expect

  1. Wow! This is amazing! I did not know that this flight simulator existed … And it was made so realistically, even shifting shadows, weather, rainbows, I am impressed. I would love to try this. Can anyone get access to it now or do we have to wait until it is available on the new XBOX console? The fact that real pilots use this simulator in their training probably shows how good and realistic this is. It must be so much fun to try this out.

  2. Thanks for the helpful information, I will be sure to check out the flight simulator and continue using your website for any information I need to know

  3. Wow this simulator looks amazing! I used to love this type of thing when younger. Is the simulator only on the pc or is it on other consoles as well?

  4. The screenshots look impressive – I don’t really have an interest in gaming any more, not like I did when I was younger, but this still makes you drool a bit. My laptop is a bit old now and only has an I3 processor – would this be fast enough to be able to play this title properly?

    1. I think that you would only be able to run on low settings, especially if it’s old. I would recommend upgrading if you want to play the sim.

  5. hey..I have a 6-year-old son who will be turning 7 in December. He aspires to be a pilot and knows almost everything about planes. Do you think the flight simulator would be a good gift or is he too young?
    Also, if yes, what are the different things (Eg. software and hardware) that I would need to buy.
    If no, can you make a suggestion of an age-appropriate gift for a budding pilot?

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