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Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance companies help cover physical damage to aircraft, and legal liability arising out of its possession and operation of an aircraft accident. Aviation Insurance can also include passenger injuries, environmental damage, and third-party damage which are triggered by aircraft accidents.

Aviation insurance is not similar to other areas of transportation and tends to integrate aviation terminology, boundary, and regulation (sections) specific to the industry.

Aviation Insurance was first introduced in the 20th century by Lloyd’s of London. They first wrote the aviation insurance policy back in 1911. Moreover, the first professional aviation insurers appeared in 1924. In 1929, the Warsaw Convention regulated the terms, conditions, and limitations of the agreement of liability of aviation insurance.

Aviation Insurance Coverage

Regulations and policies are inscribed to cover up the liability of the operator or owner for physical injury to passengers, crew, and property. Medicinal costs, containing loss of income, are typically paid to passengers who are suffering permanent disability deprived of the condition of verifying negligence. This kind of coverage is called admitted liability insurance.

Types of Insurance Aviation Insurance Companies Offer

Public Liability Insurance

This Aviation insurance coverage is referred to third-party liability insurances aircraft proprietors for impairment that their aircraft did to third-party assets, such as:

  • Houses
  • Cars
  • Crops
  • Airport facilities
  • Other aircraft were hit in an accident.

Public liability insurance is compulsory in a lot of countries and is typically purchased in stated entire amounts per incident, such as $1,000,000 or $5,000,000.

Passenger liability Insurance

Aviation insurance of passenger liability defends passengers onboard accident aircraft who are hurt or killed. In several countries, this coverage is compulsory only for commercial or large aircraft. This covers on a “per-seat” basis, with the identified limit for each passenger seat.

Ground Risk Hull Insurance Not In Motion

This delivers coverage for the insured aircraft in contradiction of damage when it is on the ground rather than in motion.

This would offer fortification for the aircraft for such actions as

  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Flood
  • Mudslides
  • Animal damage
  • Wind or hailstorms
  • Hangar collapse
  • In insured vehicles/aircraft striking the aircraft

Ground Risk Hull Insurance In Motion

This delivery coverage is related to ground risk hull insurance, not in motion, but delivers coverage while the aircraft is taxiing, or pushback before taking off or landing.

In-flight Insurance

In-flight coverage provides protected aircraft against damage during all stages of flight. This includes ground operation, parking, take-off, landing, and inflight.

Aviation Insurance Companies

They are many aviation insurance companies that can be chosen. Below is a list of the top aviation insurance companies that can be chosen.

London Aviation Underwriters Insurance

The London Aviation Underwriters (LAU) marketplace is the largest distinct center for aviation insurance. LAU insurance’s managers manage the largest distinct center for aviation insurance. The rest of the world has its national aviation insurance markets and some of them are in various countries. Each is hooked on the aviation activity within each country.

The United States has a great percentage of the world’s overall aviation fleet and has a great recognized market. As per the GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association) report of 2014, there is 362,000 general aviation fleet globally, and out of 362,000 fleets, 199,000 (55%) are from the United States. Besides it, there are many Aviation Insurance Companies providing insurance all over the world.

EAA Insurance Solutions

EAA provides exclusive coverage on insurance solutions over an extensive range of aircraft and aviation activities. EAA Insurance Solutions provides aircraft insurance policies accessible for all types of aircraft comprising standard commercial, experimental vintage, aerobatic containing contests and airshows, warbirds, and Seaplanes.

They provide exclusive coverage of given insurance solutions:

  • EAA Aircraft Insurance for U.S. Members
  • Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance
  • Personal Insurance
  • C-PLAN Aircraft Insurance
  • Powered Parachutes & Trike Insurance
  • International Aerobatics Club Insurance
  • Vintage Aircraft Association Insurance
  • Warbirds of America Insurance

Falcon Aviation Insurance

Falcon is well-known aviation insurance superior service provider with over 40 years of experience covering all the needs of Aviation. Falcon Insurance is an Agency with the capability, promise, and resources. They provide and handle all types of aviation insurance necessities. Moreover, Falcon is the world’s largest Aviation insurance agency! Having been licensed in 50 states, and dealing with 25,000 individuals Aviation clients.

They provide superior services in the following categories:

  • Personal Aircraft
  • Business & Commercial Aircraft
  • Rotor Wing Aircraft
  • Aviation businesses
  • Agricultural Aviation
  • Warbirds / Vintage Aircraft
  • Drones & UAVs
  • Sea-Planes
  • Non-Owned Liability
  • Drop Zone Insurance
  • Life Insurance for Pilots
  • Aviation Professional Services Liability Insurance

American International Group (AIG)

American International group of insurances also known as AIG, has a corporation in 80 Countries and employed 49,600 people. The AIG activates three fundamental businesses:

  • General Insurance
  • Life & Retirement
  • Technology-enabled subsidiary

AIG is providing services in Aerospace & Aviation Insurance for over 70 years. The services they have to include:

  1. Airline Insurance
  2. Airports, Ground Handlers, and Service Providers’ Liability
  3. Aviation Workers’ Compensation
  4. General Aviation
  5. Salvaged Aircraft
  6. Unmanned Aircraft Solutions

USAA Aviation Insurance

USAA aviation insurance is a great Aviation insurance solution coverage provider. They provide services in the vast field of Aviation with higher liability limits. Insurance includes:

Your Personal Aircraft

  1. Flying a single-engine aircraft
  2. Flying a light jet
  3. Experimental

Your Business and Commercial Aircraft

  1. Owning or operating a business jet or charter flights
  2. Operating a flight school
  3. Aerial photography

Your Aviation Business

  1. Repairing and maintaining aircraft
  2. Working in aviation manufacturing
  3. Fuel sales and hangar rentals

Non-Owned Aircraft

  1. Learning to fly
  2. Instructing, flying a friend’s or someone else’s aircraft

Starr Aviation Insurance

Starr Aviation insurance is for propelling your business skyward. They are global leaders in Aviation insurance solution service providers uniquely while understanding the need of business.

General Aviation

  1. Airports: Municipal, Commercial, Regional & Private
  2. Helipads: Hospital, Corporate & Private
  3. Fixed Base Operators
  4. Charter & Cargo Operations
  5. Airport Service
  6. Corporate, Corporate Non-Owned & Jet Aircraft
  7. Small to Middle-Market Commercial Aircraft
  8. Personal Non-Owned
  9. Aerial Applicators
  10. Small Components Aircraft Products
  11. Private, Instructor & Renter Pilots
  12. Drone Operators

Airline & Aerospace Manufacturers

  1. Aircraft Manufacturers
  2. Aircraft & Aerospace Component Manufacturers
  3. Aircraft Engine Manufacturers


  1. Satellite Operators: Including Telecommunications, Direct Broadcast, Broadband, Navigation, Imaging
  2. Satellite Manufacturers
  3. Launch Service Providers

Coverages Available


  1. Aircraft Hull & Liability
  2. Corporate Non-Owned Aircraft Liability
  3. General Liability
  4. Products & Completed Operations Liability
  5. Workers’ Compensation
  6. Foreign Voluntary Compensation
  7. Defense Base Act
  8. Drone Insurance 
  9. Property
    1. Property Coverage 
    2. Business Interruption


aviation insurance for space

The space industry is growing rapidly today. It is fairly new for private companies to provide their services. Companies such as Spac,eX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galatic all need special insurance policies.  Some of these policies are:

  1. Launch plus In-Orbit Risks
  2. In-Orbit Coverage
  3. Satellite Incentive Coverage
  4. Launch Risk Guarantee
  5. Third-Party Legal Liability
  6. Rocket Engine Testing
  7. Defense Base Act
  8. Property
    1. Property Coverage 
    2. Business Interruption

Different Aircraft Have Different Needs

Aviation Insurance was needed for this plane

State rules are requesting aircraft insurance from operators in a lot of countries. It is also the safest and smartest assurance to have. Many aviation insurance companies privides coverage or servicing. Pick a suitable one for a successful business is possible given the vast variety. Just like a car, risks are present when operating an aircraft. Insurance ensures your or someone else’s mistakes does not completely jeopardize the rest of a pilot’s or flying career or a company’s business operation. 


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