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Thinking to add RC flying as a hobby? Looking to purchase a RC plane? Have no idea as to what type of RC plane to pick? Do not worry. I got you.

I used to have these same questions when I was looking for a RC plane. It can be very easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a plane, just to make it break after one flight. What I have been seeing from a lot of new beginners; they purchase a RC plane online, but did not realize they need a remote as well.

These mistakes can be avoided. When purchasing your first RC aircraft, you must consider:

  • How it is controlled
  • Time to construct RC plane
  • Price
  • Durability

How Does It Fly?

For your first RC plane, you want it to fly easy in the air. You do not want to be in a situation where your plane is not stable in flight. A beginner would hate if he or she had to constantly adjust the controls just to keep the plane flying straight.

When looking for a RC plane, look for one that has a high wing, meaning the wing is positioned on top or close to the top of the fuselage (the body of the aircraft). Aircraft with this configuration are more stable than those with a low wing.

Even better, a RC plane with more dihedral will be more stable. This is when the wing is angled upwards with a front view.

RC plane flying in sky

Construction Before Flying

When you look online for a RC plane, you will be looking at the finish constructed product first. Some people purchase their aircraft and realize the plane needs to be put together first. As a beginner, this can turn you off.

I suggest finding an aircraft that is RTF (ready to fly). They are already constructed and all you have to do is take them out, charge the battery and fly your new aircraft! These aircraft do not only need construction, but they should come with everything you need. Like I said before, purchasing a brand new RC plane, then finding out a transmitter is needed can be disappointing.

If you do not mind building your plane, you can get a ARF (almost ready to fly) RC plane. They require some construction and for the buyer to have batteries and radios. Unlike a RTF, they do not provide all the parts needed.


For your first RC plane, you do not want anything expensive. If this is your first, then why should you invest so much money at the jump? A good beginner RC plane should cost between $80-$300. This is including all the required parts to fly. That is why RTF RC planes are recommended for beginning. They are typically cheaper and include all the parts needed for flight.

Avoid purchasing a gas RC plane. Aim for an electric plane that uses batteries. Gas aircraft have a more complex system. Making repairs are more of a problem than electrics. On top of that, you would need to keep on purchasing gas instead of recharging batteries. Some gas RC aircraft require additional items in order to start the aircraft. Stick to electric planes first!


Lets say you finally got your new aircraft. You take it for your flight. You try to come for a landing, but for your first landing, it went horrible. Now you have a broken plane and money down the drain.

Your RC plane need to be able to withstand “pilot error”. It would be disappointing if one mistake in your flying skills “grounded” your aircraft. Try to avoid aircraft that are made of aluminum and wood. Aim to find planes made of foam. They are not only light, but very forgiving.

Have Fun!

This hobby should be fun. Every one that gets in flying RC planes enjoy doing it. Not only is it fun, but you can learn so much as you begin to build experience. Your first RC aircraft will hold a spot in your memory. It is what can drive your RC interest.


6 thoughts on “Best RC Planes For Beginners – Start Flying Today

  1. The nearest I got to owning an RC plane was a few years back when they were expensive and you could do very much with it.

    Nowadays with the advances in technology, I know you can purchase ones relatively cheaply but still with fantastic performance.

    My brother-in-law builds his own and even has a Spitfire (4ft wingspan) which he’s had this sound gadget to make it sound like a proper Spitfire diving and firing. You want to see people duck.

    He did have a drone that cost around £1200 which went out of range and he lost.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing back some memories.

    1. That Spitfire sounds AMAZING! She must look beautiful. Sorry about the drone. I know that has happened to people before. Thanks for sharing Mick!

  2. I love the RC world. I have a friend that builds battleships. I mean they really fire bbs. I have been thinking about purchasing a plane. I have some experience with drones.
    Are the controls about the same?
    I understand that a plane will not hover like a drone, but is controlling them like controlling a plane?

    1. Those must be some nice battleships.

      The controls are some what different. For example, to make a plane go forward, you are using the propeller and to go up, the elevator must move up. With a drone, they go up and turn by using their rotors. The rotors spin at different directions and rates to turn.

      Since you have experience with drones, transitioning will not be as difficult. Once you understand how to control the plane, you should be good.

  3. Great article! I learned a lot. I didn’t know there were planes you could build yourself or gas ones. I assumed they all were pre-built and electric! This seems like a fun hobby! How big do these kind of planes get? Thanks!

    1. Hi Melissa

      These planes can get really huge. They are some videos of them bigger than the person flying!

      Thanks for the comment.

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