Flight Simulator VS Real Life

plane in flight simulator like real life
Simulators’ aim is to mimic the real-life experiences on a screen. “Flight Simulator vs Real Life” is mainly a topic with interest from new simmers. Does this plane fly like real life? Do you know how to use a real plane by using this? The type of simulator used, equipment and aircraft you fly all have impacts on realism. Knowing how each can impact your experience will make it easier for you to tailor your needs.

What Flight Simulator Are You Using?

It is true the type of flight simulator you use will play a great factor in your flight experience. For example, flight simulator 2004 is not the same as X-Plane 11. Different developers make their “game” differently. Some might focus more on having beautiful textures. Others might devote more time on the aerodynamics and flight mechanics of aircraft. This is why choosing a flight simulator is a key factor in enjoying the platform! It is up to you to decide what you value most.

What Hardware Equipment Are You Using?

Cayman Airways landing in flight simulator Like with most hobbies, the more money you have, the greater things you can do. The same thing applies with a home flight simulator. People are able to purchase a yoke, rudder pedals, throttle quadrants and more to make it seem like they are in the exact aircraft. However, each item that is purchased can run your pocket! Some flight simmers go “all-out” and build a full cockpit for a specific aircraft. They can go as far as getting the real physical buttons for an aircraft so that they can enjoy moving the switch. These full home sims are not cheap, but are amazing to use! The most expensive simulators are fully motioned simulators. These type of sims can be rated for airline pilots to train and remain current. This is where flying skills are shown before going in the actual aircraft!

What Aircraft Are You Flying?

Plane landing in flight simulator Every aircraft is different in its own way. A Boeing 737-800 does not fly the same as a Piper warrior. You might have these two aircraft in your simulator and realize the piper has a better feel than the 737. This would be up to who develops the aircraft. This is why third-party aircraft are a popular choice to invest in. Companies allocate their time to testing and gathering data of the real aircraft. They do their best to replicate what each button do and how all systems work so that simmers can acquire the true feel of their “bird”.

Are You Talking To ATC?

787 climbing in flight simulator A lot of flight simulators have their own basic ATC automated function. You can not actually use your voice and talk back, but select phrases that a real pilot would make. This tool is great for beginners or for those who just want to make a quick flight. There is however an online flight simulator community, called VATSIM. VATSIM allows those who have a flight simulator to talk to real people! You can talk to ATC and hear other simmers around you communicate back. Those that use VATSIM will tell you it really enhances the real live experience dramatically!

It’s Closer Than You Think!

Flight Simulator is truly a great platform. It is very similar to real flight experiences! With today’s technology, we are able to imitate real-life scenarios and enjoy them. Although they are a few factors that can affect the factual flight experiences, the advancement in devices and software make it easier for everyone to have to opportunity to use and utilize. Do you have a flight simulator? Let me know in the comments below! Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online https://desabukittinggi.id/ https://cerdasfinansial.id/ https://talentindonesia.id/ Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online Slot Online

6 thoughts on “Flight Simulator VS Real Life

  1. Very informative post on flight simulator. I did not know even if this was possible in real life! I would like to experience the real life experience via the simulator. I have learnt so much from your post and found it a very interesting read. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us all.

    Best wishes

  2. Very interesting! Can someone with no flying experience fly a simulator?

    I am not a pilot but I have a friend who is going through the coursework to earn his solo license. He has ‘flown’ in a couple of simulators. I will send him the link for your article.

  3. I had a flight simulator game years ago, with an accompanying joystick. I’m sure they have come a long way now. Though I would imagine you’d need a fully decked out cockpit to get the most realism from a simulator.

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