How to Use a Drone for Fishing

how to use a drove for fishing

If you have to go fishing, you might have lofted your bait from the shoreline or a boat after driving for long distances. Nowadays, there is a more efficient way to precisely drop your bait where you want it. Drone Technology has allowed fishing easier for everyone. 

How to Fish With a Drone

Fishing with drones is a relatively new and great use of drones. They are numerous ways to fish with drones, but generally, fish can be located or spied from the air. Drones can be modified to drop bait in the water to attract fish. These are the most popular ways to use a drone for fishing. 

Using a Drone to Scout for Fish

Sometimes it is really hard to find fish if you can not see from afar what the conditions are. You can find fish by chance or by trial and error methods. However, the foremost and very easy method of utilizing drones by fishers is to scout or locate fish from a top-down perspective. With wider area coverage from the air, whether you are in a boat or on shores, you will not only locate fishes moreover you can also observe their behavior and movements. This will help you with fishing for that catch of the day!

Tips for Using Drones to Scout

  • Learn topography and make a note of key features of the area you are going to fish.
  • Check the direction and speed of the wind. It is not recommended to fly a drone with wind speeds exceeding 20 mph or greater than the manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • If you are a beginner then do not operate drones when wind speed is 15 mph or more.
  • With the help of drones learn the behavior and pattern of fish that will help in fishing.
  • Do a functional check of the drone and initial inspection before flying over the water.
  • Bring at least one spare battery for greater flight time.
  • To elude spooking the fish with “propeller wash” from the blades, it is suggested to operate a drone at least 30 feet above the water level.
  • Disable the “Return to Home” feature if you are scouting or fishing using a moving boat.

Using a Drone for Surf Fishing

Some companies are creating innovative waterproof drones dedicated to fishing. These drones will fly and then drop bait to higher populated fishing areas. A free payload release mechanism releases the bait when activated by the person flying. This significantly grows the chance of catching extra fish or larger fish.

Other manufacturers focus on creating add-ons to be attached to more popular drones. Bait releases can be attached to an everyday drone and enhance its capabilities. 

Below is a drone for fishing items available for purchase!

Dji Mini 2Dji Mini 2
  • 31 minutes max
  • Ultralight & Foldable
  • Level 5 Wind Resistance 
  • 4k/30 fps Video
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Dji Mini 2 Bait ReleaseDji Mini 2 Bait Release
  • Compatible DJI Mavic Mini / Mini2 /Mini SE drone
  • Maximum load: (0.17IB) /80g
  • Remote control distance:(50m -100 m)
  • Battery capacity: 150mAh
  • Standby time: 12 hours
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
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Follow Me Drones in Fishing

Drones with “Follow Me” technology allow the drone to track you or another subject in motion. Follow me drones can stay stationary and track the subject by rotating and move along when motion is detected. If you are using follow-me drones for fishing, with their intelligent system, they will move along with your given assignments while you focus on the task.

Check out our “Best Follow Me Drones on the Market”. For example, DJI Mavic Air 2 is a very popular drone with “Intelligent Tracking” : 

DJI Mavic Air 2
  • Intelligent Tracking
  • Flight Time: 34 Minutes (Per battery)                                                           
  • Battery Type: 3850mAh Li-Po Battery
  • Camera: 4K/60fps video
  • Weight: 20.16oz

Rules and Regulations (From the FAA)

  1. Do not exceed an altitude above 400 feet and keep the drone within vision.
  2. You should have a Drone license if your drone weighs 55 pounds or more.
  3. Do not fly in the vicinity of 5 miles of an airport.
  4. If registered, the registration number must be shown on the drone’s external body.
  5. Hooking and pulling a fish with a drone is not legal for some fishing sports associations, for example, the IGFA (International Fish and Game Association). 

Get Your Next Catch With Drone Help

Fishing with drones is one of the great uses of drone capabilities. Integrating your drones with follow-me drone features and bait releases will also significantly enhance the chance of catching extra fish. Just remember to say safe and follow your country’s rules and regulations. 


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