Boeing TTBW

Boeing’s Transonic Truss-Braced Wing

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Aircraft fuel is one of the most expensive costs for airlines. Airline companies around the world such as Delta, Emirates, and British Airways are always purchasing new aircraft mainly due to their more efficient fuel burn than older aircraft. Aerospace manufactures are working hard to make their planes as efficient as possible so that they can win […]

white plane landing

Why Are Planes Painted White?

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One thing you probably realize about most planes is that they are white. Is it because they look better or is there a valid reason as to why white is the popular color in aviation? The color of all type of planes does play a factor in everyday operations. This is a question that is […]

plane dumping fuel

How Planes Dump Fuel?

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Photo by Reedy / CC BY-SA Ever wondered how planes dump fuel? Have you ever been on an emergency flight where pilots had to release their fuel in the atmosphere? Sometimes in aviation, unpredictable events can occur. A passenger getting sick or an engine failed after takeoff are some examples of why a flight needs […]

plane about to fly in rain

Can Planes Fly In Rain?

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You have a flight, but as you are on your way to the airport, it starts to rain. You instantly think to yourself if your flight will be cancelled when you arrive at the airport. Can planes fly in rain safely? Aircraft flying through “water” is not the issue, but the weather systems and conditions associated […]